The Best IOS/Android Football Manager Apps

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If the universe just saw you for whom you really are, a genius. An absolute smarty pants that the world so painfully needs. While we hope that your amazing and out-of-this-world skills will not end on desktop, there is no harm in having a little fun.

Speaking only to the tactical and strategi whizzes that can understand this concerning perspective, it is difficult to just stroll through your day without the pinches and naggings of your mind reminding you that there is a new skilled player you need to sign in this season. You will not be able to carry you PC around all the time, so we thought we should let you know the 7 apps that will keep the action going through your day.

Overview best Football Manager Apps:

  • Football Manager-Touch 2016
  • Top-Eleven 2016
  • Football Manager-Mobile 2016
  • Football-Chairman Pro
  • Champ-Man 16
  • PES Club-Manager
  • Championship-Manager: All Stars

Football Manager-Touch 2016

This soccer manager stands a good chance at being the cream of the crop for the desktop players of the Football Manager. Every bit of these games is relatable as this Touch manager is the official and exact Android and IOS version of the PC game.

The Football manager has features that facilitate you to work your magic in a high, or low-level way. It has 3D engines that display your team’s matches and their every progress. You are able to create your own team from scratch or just build on those you love. This one is for tablet devices. Maybe check also this Interwetten Review to get to know more about football betting.

Top-Eleven 2016

You cannot go around bragging of how awesome your managing skills are without testing it with the whole world! This online soccer manager will ensure that you are the top dog only if you deserve to be a top dog.

You will battle it out against the finest online players and prove your team-building, tactical thought, and training abilities. This game is very appealing as you get to compete with real human thinking and not the AI or phone’s processing. Finally, no excuses.
This game pushes your skills and standard to the ultimate level you have not attained yet.

Football Manager-Mobile 2016

This is the Football Manager version that is developed to better suit users of normal smartphones. While you can play this game in tablets too, it is more accustomed for mobile phones.
It is also an official version of the Football Manager P.C version.

Just as the Football Manager-Touch version, you have a myriad of options to consider putting into your play. You can build up your players with skills that will make them virtually unbeatable. You can rise in your players’ tactics that will make them a formidable team based on your own insightful thinking.

Football-Chairman Pro

Would you like to be more on the business enthusiast side? Then this football manager is just the right pick.
You are in control of many key financial decisions that a chairman would make such as sacking managers that do not deliver, hiring new managers, buying highly rated players that support your dream of winning the league, making upgrades on the facilities that you own, among other decision-making requirements that a top-notch manager would deliver on.

You get to see even the smallest of details such as the assistants you get, the physiotherapy unit behind the health of your team, and much more.

Champ-Man 16

Get to the nuggets and details of the things that drive your team’s spirit. You will be able to be involved with their finances, their morale, among other things.

You work your way up through a few seasons of training, and you enhance your skills with many options that enable you to do club transfers, and work on the tactics of your team.

You can always delve into the details of this managing world or you can just shallowly run through the preferences to establish what it is you really like.

PES Club-Manager

We both know one of the biggest football rivalries ever. The two companies that really go head to head. PES has however hang tight on this one. We all have good times with this brand even though it has not built itself so much as a management brand.

Unlike many managers, you are given the option of running down time so you get the coins as opposed to buying them.

Championship-Manager: All Stars

Like the Top Eleven, this one allows you to compete online with other players worldwide. You will be able to source your team players from many teams and build momentum steadily.

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