Soccer Rules: Everything You Need to Know About Soccer Penalties

Blog2 - Soccer Rules: Everything You Need to Know About Soccer Penalties

The development of soccer throughout history, as well as its rules and regulations, have changed constantly until it reached the current stage known as modern soccer. In modern soccer teams are no longer focused on the attack, but rather to achieve the greatest number of goals as well as tactics and skill.

The Duration of the Game

A soccer match consists of two periods, each period is equal to 45 minutes of times, sometimes the two playing teams can agree on a longer or shorter period of time. At the end of each half-time period, extra time can be given and is defined as the stoppage time or over time that is estimated by the referee when the match stops during playing for any reason.

ref - Soccer Rules: Everything You Need to Know About Soccer Penalties


A penalty occurs when the player commits an offense mentioned in the rules of the match during the game; if the player intentionally hit a teammate or opponent deliberately, he is penalised by the referee and forced to exit the game. These errors are considered violations (foul) and are mentioned in the general laws of football.

An example of a foul is to deliberately touch the ball or push the opponent or to block the opponent. This is punished by awarding the opponent with a free-kick or a penalty kick based on the place of error. Other offenses are punishable by indirect free blows.

The referee punishes the player by warning him by way of raising a  yellow card or to expel him by raising his red card. If the player gets a second yellow card in the game, it is the same as getting a red card and is expelled. The player who gets a yellow card appears as a “registered” player. The referee writes the name of the player in his or her official small note to remember later. If the player is expelled, the player cannot be replaced.

Rules and regulations of soccer are in place to ensure matches are played fair, and these rules are governed by referees to ensure all players uphold these rules. We trust that you have enjoyed learning more about penalties and rules of soccer and that you will be able to manage your own soccer team successfully on Online Soccer Manager in no-time.

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