New to Pro Evolution Soccer? Read the Top Features and Play to Win Today

Blog7 - New to Pro Evolution Soccer? Read the Top Features and Play to Win Today

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), is one of the best sports video games that makes use of the best technology to reach the game to the top and simulated reality so that the player during the gameplay like a real game, especially in the last release, where it aims to overcome the problems that faced previous versions.

Features of PES

  • PES is a real-life game because it’s designed with high-quality graphics.
  • By playing you can manage your own team, and you can create players.
  • Play online with friends.
  • New additions to the teams, new shoes, and balls as well as modern stadiums.
  • The company has made some modifications to the latest version, such as adding and removing teams.
  • New teams for women only.

How to Play PES

PES has a number of international clubs and leagues such as English, German, Spanish and French, and includes the best teams such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany and other international teams.

Real Touch System

The latest version of PES is the closest to reality in terms of simulation and realism. The developer developed the Real Touch system, which allows the player to touch and receive the ball.

The ball can also be received from center to center. Control the receipt between the player and another while moving the ball and control it. The dribbling and receipt of the ball through the control orders is based on the real skills held by real players such as Messi or de Maria.

Game Settings

PES allows you to choose the settings for the game, adding to its unique and engaging gaming experience.

1. Duration

Whether you want the match to last one hour or 20 minutes, you will be able to control the duration of the match when playing Pro Evolution Soccer.

2. Weather

Increase the difficulty of the match by setting up some rainy weather during your match, or select sunshine.

3. Stadium

Choose one of your favorite stadiums to play your match at, or customize it the way you would like it to be – all this is possible with PES.

4. Referee and Commentator

Select your referee and favorite commentator to add to the realism of your PES gaming experience.

5. Level of Difficulty

As for the level of the match, there are five levels ranging from the easiest to the most difficult. Choose whatever suits you and your abilities.

You will also be able to select extra players or substitutions and choose any player from three teams.


With the addition of more features that make the game more enjoyable and interesting and exciting, PES became the strongest rival to Viva and other similar video games.

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