Soccer Management 101: Everything You Need to Know About OSM

Blog5 - Soccer Management 101: Everything You Need to Know About OSM

Online Soccer Manager is a game that allows you to manage an online football team, where you can control your team online as if you are the president of a football club in real life. The game allows you to manage everything related to finance and tactics to make deals and buy players.

When you register, you will join a challenging world with other teams run by real people, the competition to win the local title (as in the Premier League style), as well as competing for other championships such as Champions League and local cup. Even if you aspire to be the coach of the national team, there will be elections every two seasons to choose a new national coach, and this will give you the real opportunity to get the honor of training the national team one day and go on to fame and glory to win the World Cup, the highest trophy and the greatest in the world.

Free Games

These games are free. In addition, the weekly schedule is fixed. You will have a team that plays three league games per week. You will also receive training reports for your players every Tuesday. You can design your own training programs for players to ensure that they will be trained in the skills you have specified.


This game is designed to take such kind of football management to real high tests for all players in the game – you will encounter other players, and with talent and management skills you will only be able to be the most discriminating manager in the game.

1. Budget

With OSM games, as the team manager, you face the responsibility of setting up and managing your team’s budget. Failing to do so could be dismal for you and your team’s future.

2. Discovering Talent

Will you be able to discover young players who will develop and become such as Messi, Rooney, and Ronaldo? By acting as a real team manager, one of your responsibilities would be to discover new talent and reaching out to players who could become the best.

3. Training

Ensuring your team gets the training that they need will ensure future victories – failing to do so means you won’t get too far in this exciting game.

4. Penalties

Will you be able to deal with the injuries and suspensions that your players will face in the matches? You need to be able to manage the team in the best way possible – ensuring you can cope with losing players to penalties during big games.

These simulator games are the most advanced among the other games in the management of online football, as it is the most realistic among them. You can watch the match in live broadcasts (90 minutes + extra time) as you can also enter after the game and watch the replay of the match or reports of their own stats and others.

All you have to do is choose the country you want your team to play and you will be ready to start the match. You will not need to be certified or approved because you will receive your team immediately. Registration in the game is free. All you need is an internet connection, simply open your browser to get started, the game does not require any download, just register and compete!

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