17 Rules of Soccer: An Overview of Soccer Rules and the Card Act

Blog3 - 17 Rules of Soccer: An Overview of Soccer Rules and the Card Act

If you want to be a good football gamer you should know all irregularities that can stop any football match.

The game is governed by a referee that has “the full power to apply the rules of the match with respect to the game he is conducting,” and his decisions are firm. Two referees help the basic referee to make decisions. In high-level matches, there is a fourth referee who also helps the main referee and he has some simple tasks of his own.

Game Rules

There are 17 original rules of the match, each containing terms and guidelines. These rules are made to suit all kind of levels, but with some modifications to suit certain categories of people such as children and young people with physical disabilities. These laws are always formulated in general terms, allowing flexibility

FIFA is keen to enforce the rules of the match, although it is mentioned and developed by the IFAB Council. In addition to the 17 laws, decisions and directives of the Federation Council also play a role in the organization of the sport.

Card Act

The referee has the authority to give any player a warning by raising a yellow card. The yellow card is a sign of warning for the player. If the same player who has a yellow card gets another yellow card for making another foul he gets a red card and then he is expelled from the game.

ref2 - 17 Rules of Soccer: An Overview of Soccer Rules and the Card Act

Soccer is a team game of 11 players, the expulsion of one or two players does not necessarily affect the outcome of the match, sometimes we see that the team with fewer players deficit is the winners in the end.

Is it possible that 20 players will be expelled at once in a match?

It is certainly difficult but has already happened in one of the Paraguayan league matches.

The Guardian newspaper reported that there had been a sentence that sent 20 players off the pitch during the match between Sportivo Ameliano and Giancarlo Caballero.

The game was entered into the Guinness World Records after the expulsion of 20 players, it began to announce the red card against Ameliano players, and ten minutes later there was a violent row between the two teams, which led to the expulsion of 18 players, bringing the total number of 20 players.

The most raised red cards in England were in the English Premier League match with Chesterfield and Plymouth after the red card was given to five players on February 22, 1997.

Now that you know about the possibility of a match being stopped due to unruly behavior from players, we are sure you are eager to get started coaching your own team on Online Soccer Manager in such a way that they avoid being expelled from a match.

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