9 Strangest Sports Betting Stories You Haven’t Heard Before

Blog11 - 9 Strangest Sports Betting Stories You Haven't Heard Before

Leicester is still very close to winning the Premiership title for the first time in their history, despite losing the chance to clinch their first match against Manchester United in the 36th round of the Premier League, where they needed 3 points to finish their official crown, for just two points from their next two matches against Everton and Chelsea for the coronation.

Since the beginning of the season, many people bet on the coronation of the foxes league title, by 1/5000, meaning that each person who paid a pound sterling will receive 5,000 thousand pounds if the team crowned the title. Some consider this as madness because of Leicester from clubs that do not have to compete for the title, before the team surprised them with their amazing level and was already close to winning the title.

1. Arsenal unbeaten in 2004

In the 2003-04 season, many people bet that Arsenal would be out of the season without a defeat, by 1/33, which is what happened after they won the title, without any defeat.

2. Liverpool’s historic return in 2005

In the final of the 2005 European Championships, the bet was on Liverpool’s 1/50 win, but the English team was delayed 3-0 in the first half by AC Milan, which was a shock to everyone, especially the players, before Liverpool made a historic return and won the championship. If the players knew that, their odds would have increased before the game.

3. The historic crowning of Danny Willett in the Masters of Golf Championship

In April, Danny Whitlet was crowned champion golf champion, at the expense of American Jordan Speth, to be the first British to win the championship in 20 years, which means that betting on him is very difficult, and 1/55.

4.  A British runner wins the Athens Olympic Games

Despite suffering from a series of injuries, former British runner-up Kelly Holmes took part in the 2004 Athens Olympics and the thrill that he managed to win two gold medals, to cheer the people who bet on him by 1/60.

5.  Japan’s dramatic win over South Africa in the Rugby World Cup

Japan’s victory over South Africa in the group stage of the last World Cup of Rugby in 2015 was a miracle, as the Japanese beat the world champion twice in the lost time of the match 34 – 32, to be the best gift for people who bet on winning the Samurai by 1/80.

6. Montpellier win the French league 2012

In Leicester City, Montpellier’s 2012 league win was impossible, and many people bet on it at 1/80, to win the title already, three points behind Paris St German.

7. United Historical Trio in 1999

In the best ever season in Manchester United’s history in 1999, many people bet on their 3-1 win at the historic trio, already crowned with the League Cup and UEFA Cup, but were only seconds away from losing the Champions League title, German Munich advance 1:0, before the two stars Tedy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the goal of winning in the lost time and win United trio.

8. Greece and the surprise of Euro 2004

Leicester’s victory in the Premier League may not have been the biggest surprise of the match. Greece’s 2004 win at Euro 2004, at the expense of Portugal’s own team and the public, was a resounding surprise, and of course, it was a great gift for people who bet on Greece by 1/300.

9. Did anyone expect Germany to beat Brazil 7: 1?

No one ever expected the German team to win the 2014 World Cup, Brazil, with a 7-goal goal in the semifinals, but some people bet on it by 1/500 and surprising their expectations, which most of them could not have imagined the inhabitants of the globe have already ratified.

We hope you have enjoyed our roundup of some of the most interesting sports betting stories of the past century. Can you remember any of these instances?

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