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Learn about the Football management games

Blog5 - Learn about the Football management games

Football Management Game

It is a game to manage an online football team, where you can control your team online as if you are the president of a football club in real life, which provides you with the full management of everything related to finance and tactics of different games in this to make deals and buy players. When you register in the game, you will join a challenging world with other teams run by real people, the competition to win the local title (as in the Premier League style), as well as competing for other championships such as Champions League and local cup. Even if you aspire to be the coach of the national team, there will be elections every two seasons to choose a new national coach, and this will give you the real opportunity to get the honor of training the national team one day and go on to fame and glory to win the World Cup, the highest trophy and the greatest in the world.

Free Games

These games are free. In addition, the weekly schedule is fixed. You will have a team that plays three league games per week. This is in addition to receiving training reports for your players every Tuesday. You can also design training programs for players to ensure that they will be trained in the skills you have specified. Can you focus on developing young players or if you want great players with great experience?


When managing your club, you will face many challenging challenges – will you be able to control the budget? Will you be able to discover young players who will develop and become such as: Messi, Rooney, and Ronaldo? Will you be able to deal with the injuries and suspensions that your players will face in the matches? This game is designed to take such kind of football management to real high tests for all players in the game – you will encounter other players, and with talent and management skills you will only be able to be the most discriminating manager in the game.

These simulator games are the most advanced among the other games in the management of online football, as it is the most realistic among them. You can watch the match in live broadcasts (90 minutes + extra time) as you can also enter after the game and watch the replay of the match or reports of their own stats and others. All you have to do is choose the country you want your team to play and you will be ready to start the match. You will not need to be certified or approved, because you will receive your team immediately. Registration in the game is free. All you need is a browser to start work, the game does not require any download, just register and never compete.

Once-over Football the Greatest collective game in the World

Blog4 - Once-over Football the Greatest collective game in the World

Football game

Football is one of the greatest team sports, with each team consisting of eleven players. It is the most widely used game to reach 250 million players in more than 200 countries. Its rules were first introduced in 1863 in England, Football is distinguished from other ball-based sports, and is well known as Soccer in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In 1863, when the FA was founded in England, the game was developed. The game developed widely and contributed to the founding of FIFA in 1904 in the French capital Paris. The rules of the match emerged to organize, preserve, and disseminate in different countries around the world.

The way of playing

The game is played in a rectangular field consisting of two goals at the ends, a goal for each team to enter the goals between the two or the top crossbar of the goal. The main goal of the match is to set goals within the goal of the opposing team, and the team that enters the most goals is the winner, By foot or head only, and the hands may be used only by the goalkeeper who protects his goal from entering the goals of the opposing team, but if the two teams the same number of goals, the result of the match either a draw, or entry in overtime, For the restorative that gives both teams additional opportunities to enter goals, change the outcome of the game.

img3 - Once-over Football the Greatest collective game in the World

The team is led by a player who is said to be the captain of the team and whose main task is to participate in the draw before the start of the match or to participate in the penalty shootings. As for the rest of the team, they spend the entire period trying to control the ball by maneuvering, To the opposing team’s goal, or pass it on to another member of the same team to try to enter the ball into the opponent’s goal or pass it to another player from his team.

Each player attempts to keep the ball withinthe team by passing it to the rest of the players or by cutting it and taking it from the other team by force as the rules of the match allow. Physical friction is prohibited or limited between players. Time of the match, or suspended by the referee for reasons of violation of a game law.

Know all the laws and irregularities that stop Football match

Blog3 - Know all the laws and irregularities that stop Football match

If you want to be a good football gamer you should know all irregularities that can stop any football match.

The game is governed by a referee that has “the full power to apply the rules of the match with respect to the game he is conducting, and the decisions are firm. Two referees help the basic referee to make decisions. In high-level matches, there is a fourth referee who also helps the main referee and he has some simple tasks of his own.

Game rules

There are 17 original rules of the match, each containing terms and guidelines. These rules are made to suit all kind of levels, but with some modifications to suit certain categories of people such as children, young peoplewith physical disabilities. These laws are always formulated in general terms, allowing flexibility. FIFA is keen to enforce the rules of the match, although it is mentioned and developed by the IFAB Council. In addition to the 17 laws, decisions and directives of the Federation Council also play a role in the organization of the sport.

Card Act

the referee has the authority to give any player a warning by raising a yellow card to his face. The yellow card is a sign of Warningfor the player, If the same player who has a yellow card gets another yellow card for making another foul he gets a red card and then he is expelled from the game.

ref2 - Know all the laws and irregularities that stop Football match

Soccer is a team game of 11 players, not necessarily the expulsion of one or two players affect the outcome of the match, sometimes we see that the numerical deficit is the winners in the end.

But is it possible that 20 players will be expelled at once in a match?

It is certainly difficult but has already happened in one of the Paraguayan league matches.

The Guardian newspaper reported that there had been a sentence that sent 20 players to the same meeting during the match between Sportivo Ameliano and Giancaral Caballero.

The game was entered into the Guinness World Records after the expulsion of 20 players, it began to announce the red card against Ameliano players, and ten minutes later there was a violent row between the two teams, which led to the expulsion of 18 players, bringing the total number of 20 players.

The most raised red cards in England were in the English Premier League match with Chesterfield and Plymouth after the red card was announced in the face of five players on February 22, 1997.

Basics of refereeing any Football Match

Blog2 - Basics of refereeing any Football Match

The game development

The development of the method of playing football throughout history as well as its rules and regulations until it reached the current stage known as modern football, which no longer focused on the attack and achieve the greatest number of goals as much as it is focused on tactics and skill, which is the general organization used by the coach of the ball Foot to adjust the team’s movements within the stadium to achieve the planned result.

The game time:

The football matches are consisted of twoperiods, each period isequal to 45 minutes of times, sometimes the two playing teams can agree on a longer or shorter period of time. When the time is up each half-time period, there is extra time defined as the stoppage time or over time that is estimated by the referee when the match stops during playing for any reason.

ref - Basics of refereeing any Football Match


An error occurs when the player commits an offense mentioned in the rules of the match during the game; if the player intentionally hit his co-worker is forced to pay the cost of treatment and stop the duration of the injury of the latter, until he recovered, and this is because of the deliberate injury. These errors are considered violations (foul) and are mentioned in Law. An example of a foul is to deliberately touch the ball or push the opponent, or to block the opponent and to punish by firing a free-kick or a penalty kick which depend on the place of error. Other offenses are punishable by indirect free blows.The referee punishes the player by warning him to raise his yellow card or to expel him by raising his red card. If the player gets a second yellow card in the game, it is as if he has received a red card and is expelled. The player who gets a yellow card appears as a “registered” player. The referee writes the name of the player in his or her official small note to remember later. If the player is expelled, the substitute player cannot be replaced. The error can occur at any time

Introduction to the magical round football

Blog - Introduction to the magical round football


Football is a team sport that takes place between two teams of 11 players each. Football has been played by 250 million players in more than 200 countries around the world, so it is the most popular sport in the world. Football plays in a rectangular court with two pitches on either side. The goal of the match is to score the goals by kicking the ball into the goal.

img1 - Introduction to the magical round football

The rules of football

The goalkeeper is considered to be the only player in the match who is allowed to touch the ball with both hands or arms but has to be inside the box. Non-goalkeeper players often use their legs to attack or pass the ball and can also use their head to hit the ball. The team that scores more goals is the winner. If the two teams scored equal goals at the end of the match, the result of the match is either a draw or a game in the system of extra time and / or penalties and depends on the tournament system. England’s Football Laws were drafted by the FA in 1863. FIFA’s international football is headed by FIFA. The World Cup is organized every four years and is the most important international tournament.

Football Playground

The football stadium length is determined by the use of the imperial standard units, which were developed in England by the four British unions within the International Federation Council. Current laws have replaced the dimensions appropriately for modern stadiums. The dimensions of the stadiums have been measured in metric terms until they have taken their current form, although in English-speaking towns the public tends to use traditional stadiums like Britain.

img2 - Introduction to the magical round football

The stadium where the official matches are held is between 100 and 110 meters (110-120 yards) and the width is between 64 and 75 (70-80 yards). The stadiums with no official matches are between 90 and 120 meters (100-130 yards) and 45-90 meters (50-100 yards), provided that the stadium is not square. In 2008, the International Federation Council amended the size of the stadium to 105 m (344 ft) and 68 m (223 ft) in length to allow for official championships. However, this decision was placed on the waiting list and never implemented.

The longest lines are the contact lines, and the shortest lines are the lines of the goal. A rectangular goal shall be placed in the center of each goal line.  The distance between the vertical stands shall be 7.32 meters (8 yards) and the height of the horizontal beam from the ground is 2.44 meters (8 feet). The net is fixed behind each goal, but there is no law to set up a goal net. In front of each goal a specific square area known as the penalty area. This area is determined by lines of the goal and extends from the last line up to 16.5 meters (18 yards) perpendicular to the pitch, also connecting a horizontal line. This area has a number of functions, most notably the area that allows the guard inside to use his hands. They are also used for goal strikes, penalty shootouts, and penalties.