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9 Strangest Sports Betting Stories You Haven’t Heard Before

Blog11 - 9 Strangest Sports Betting Stories You Haven't Heard Before

Leicester is still very close to winning the Premiership title for the first time in their history, despite losing the chance to clinch their first match against Manchester United in the 36th round of the Premier League, where they needed 3 points to finish their official crown, for just two points from their next two matches against Everton and Chelsea for the coronation.

Since the beginning of the season, many people bet on the coronation of the foxes league title, by 1/5000, meaning that each person who paid a pound sterling will receive 5,000 thousand pounds if the team crowned the title. Some consider this as madness because of Leicester from clubs that do not have to compete for the title, before the team surprised them with their amazing level and was already close to winning the title.

1. Arsenal unbeaten in 2004

In the 2003-04 season, many people bet that Arsenal would be out of the season without a defeat, by 1/33, which is what happened after they won the title, without any defeat.

2. Liverpool’s historic return in 2005

In the final of the 2005 European Championships, the bet was on Liverpool’s 1/50 win, but the English team was delayed 3-0 in the first half by AC Milan, which was a shock to everyone, especially the players, before Liverpool made a historic return and won the championship. If the players knew that, their odds would have increased before the game.

3. The historic crowning of Danny Willett in the Masters of Golf Championship

In April, Danny Whitlet was crowned champion golf champion, at the expense of American Jordan Speth, to be the first British to win the championship in 20 years, which means that betting on him is very difficult, and 1/55.

4.  A British runner wins the Athens Olympic Games

Despite suffering from a series of injuries, former British runner-up Kelly Holmes took part in the 2004 Athens Olympics and the thrill that he managed to win two gold medals, to cheer the people who bet on him by 1/60.

5.  Japan’s dramatic win over South Africa in the Rugby World Cup

Japan’s victory over South Africa in the group stage of the last World Cup of Rugby in 2015 was a miracle, as the Japanese beat the world champion twice in the lost time of the match 34 – 32, to be the best gift for people who bet on winning the Samurai by 1/80.

6. Montpellier win the French league 2012

In Leicester City, Montpellier’s 2012 league win was impossible, and many people bet on it at 1/80, to win the title already, three points behind Paris St German.

7. United Historical Trio in 1999

In the best ever season in Manchester United’s history in 1999, many people bet on their 3-1 win at the historic trio, already crowned with the League Cup and UEFA Cup, but were only seconds away from losing the Champions League title, German Munich advance 1:0, before the two stars Tedy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the goal of winning in the lost time and win United trio.

8. Greece and the surprise of Euro 2004

Leicester’s victory in the Premier League may not have been the biggest surprise of the match. Greece’s 2004 win at Euro 2004, at the expense of Portugal’s own team and the public, was a resounding surprise, and of course, it was a great gift for people who bet on Greece by 1/300.

9. Did anyone expect Germany to beat Brazil 7: 1?

No one ever expected the German team to win the 2014 World Cup, Brazil, with a 7-goal goal in the semifinals, but some people bet on it by 1/500 and surprising their expectations, which most of them could not have imagined the inhabitants of the globe have already ratified.

We hope you have enjoyed our roundup of some of the most interesting sports betting stories of the past century. Can you remember any of these instances?

6 Important Tips to Win in Online Blackjack

Blog10 - 6 Important Tips to Win in Online Blackjack

Casino games generally depend on luck, and your luck can vary depending on the type of game. For example, roulette is a stark example of games that rely almost entirely on luck, while card games, especially blackjack and poker, are games in which various strategies can be implemented to ensure good gains.

Of course, we do not deny that it depends on luck. For example, a player can get two cards, a face card, and the other with an ace, so the player wins without a strategy. This is, of course, a bit of luck. There are other times where the player gets other cards, and he has to act wisely according to a professional plan and strategy. So, here are the best tips you can follow to get the best possible blackjack results.

Types of Blackjack Online

Blackjack Online includes many versions in addition to the traditional game known worldwide, we show you copies of the match Blackjack, which you can play online:

Black Jack Multi-hand

This game is no different from the conventional blackjack game. In Blackjack Multi-hand, the player can represent more than one player. The dealer is asked to distribute cards with three players and of course, the player will bet on each group with the same bet.

Black Jack High limit

The high limit version of Blackjack is that you are gambling at a high table of requirements in accordance with the rules of the traditional blackjack game, the only difference is the higher minimum bet amount on the players.

black - 6 Important Tips to Win in Online Blackjack

Tips to Win Online Blackjack

We seek to consult the best international betting experts to give you the best blackjack tips. Here, we show you the most important tips to ensure a high win:

1. Stand When You’ve Reached 17

When you get a hand with the total valued at 17, stop asking for more cards. Using this strategy, we rely on two situations:

  • The total value of the dealer’s cards shall increase 21, which shall result in his leaving the game directly
  • The total value of the dealer’s cards is less than the number 17 that declares your victory over him

2. Do not count cards

Do not use cards counting strategy! Rumors are circulating that counting cards is a useful strategy and may help you win blackjack, but it’s really not useful at all because most conventional casinos and online casinos use more than one deck of cards. This is also highly illegal and you can be banned from entering a brick-and-mortar casino when caught counting cards.

3. Casinos use sophisticated machines

You will waste your time and effort in learning a strategy that cannot be applied in modern online casinos. Games are fair and regulated by top-of-the-art Random Number Generators.

4. Don’t Split

If you get two cards worth 20, they can be two face cards, or even a face card and a number 10. Ask the dealer to “Split” the cards. This means that the cards you are divided into two groups.

5. Each card that you divide

When using this strategy, you bet on the possibility of getting another picture or a large number one, so you can win.

6. The minimum amount of betting requirements

Blackjack tables vary in terms of betting requirements, from high to low. Look for the blackjack table that offers the least amount of betting requirements. In this case, you will be able to play as many rounds as possible, which will increase your chances of winning without losing a large amount of money in less time.

Finally, you should know that all online casino games include a measure of luck. Of course, blackjack requires more skill than other online casino games like roulette, but the rule remains the same.

Try to enjoy every round of blackjack!

Betting Tip: Serbia vs Brazil

world cup 2018 betting tips

Serbia take on Brazil in Group E on Wednesday evening, with both sides still in with a chance of reaching the knockout phase of the World Cup in Russia. However, with Brazil currently sitting top of the standings after two matches, the emphasis will be on the five-time winners to take the game to their opponents in Moscow.

2018 World Cup – Spartak Stadium, Moscow – Wednesday 27th June – 19:00 UK Time

Match Preview

The final round of matches in Group E brings together Serbia and Brazil in the Russian capital, with the European side knowing that they are likely to need all three points if they are to qualify for the knockout stage of the tournament. However, with Brazil having headed to Russia this summer in an attempt to win their sixth World Cup, it promises to be a tough 90 minutes for Serbia. For those still unsure of who to back ahead of kick-off, it is well worth checking out our top betting tip below. However, let’s first take a closer look at the two teams, starting with Serbia.

Serbia Team News & Form

Serbia were caught out by a last minute goal from Switzerland last time around, meaning that they remained on three points in the Group E standings. Manager Mladen Krstajic is likely to stick with the same starting line-up that featured from the off against the Swiss however, with six of their squad facing the prospect of being suspended for the Round of 16, should they qualify. Serbia have scored in both of their matches to date, with Aleksandar Mitrovic set to lead the line once more.

Brazil Team News & Form

Brazil will be without full-back Danilo and winger Douglas Costa for their clash against Serbia, with the latter having made a significant impact after coming on as a substitute during their win over Costa Rica last time around. Elsewhere, Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino could start in place of Gabriel Jesus, who has yet to open his World Cup account.

Head to Head

The two nations have met just once in the past, coming in a friendly encounter back in June 2014, when Brazil ran out narrow 1-0 winners. Former forward Fred scored the goal for Brazil that day, however with no matches between the duo having taken place since, few conclusions can be made surrounding their head-to-head record.

Betting Odds and Predictions

Given their status as one of the World Cup favourites and their large number of attacking options, it perhaps comes as little surprise that Brazil are the firm favourites for victory on Wednesday with the majority of major online bookmakers. The South American giants are available to back at odds of 1/2 with William Hill, while Serbia are priced at 13/2 on the same platform to cause an upset in Moscow. Meanwhile, a draw after 90 minutes is also available at 7/2 with Paddy Power.

Top Betting Tip

However, our top betting tip for the match is to bet on over 2.5 goals being scored during the 90 minutes in Moscow, a market is available at a best price of 17/20 with Ladbrokes. Check some betting sites to find the best odds for this game.

4 Sports Betting Strategies That Can Make You a Millionaire

Blog9 - 4 Sports Betting Strategies That Can Make You a Millionaire

Are you an avid sports betting gambler? You have come to the right place. If you enjoy placing bets on your favorite soccer team, we’ve found three of the best and highly recommended strategies used by the pros. In this post, we share these top tips for successful sports betting. Let’s get started.

1. Pick a Team

A popular strategy used a by the majority of sports gamblers, is to pick a team, and stick with them. This is also a suggested strategy to be implemented by beginner gamblers. It allows you to focus on one sport and one team while getting used to the game and the players, getting to know each player’s strength and weakness, and so on.

Choosing and sticking to a single team and sport will also give you more insights and enable you to place better and informed bets.

2. Keep an Eye on Weather

If you keep your eye on weather statistics, you will be able to predict how a team will perform in specific weather conditions, giving you a bit of insight as to what you can expect when a specific team is playing in heavy rain conditions. Be sure to take note of wins, goals, and losses in specific weather conditions, and place your bet based on these stats.

3. Smaller Wagers

Have you ever noticed that professional sports bettors only bet between 1 and 2% of their entire bankroll on a specific game? This is, in fact, a very clever strategy and decreases the chances of you losing too much money or completely depleting your bankroll. Sports betting is not a science, and even though there are certain aspects and insights that can give you an advantage, it remains a game depending on luck.

stats - 4 Sports Betting Strategies That Can Make You a Millionaire

 4. Up Against Joe Public

This strategy is based on the concept that whatever everyone else is betting on, you bet the complete opposite. It is a more logical strategy. Do this by doing some research on the game that is being played – if it is a popular team with a huge following and fan base, you could assume that a lot of the betting will be placed on this specific team. It can be tricky to make assumptions and place bets based on said assumptions, but you can also get lucky, or even better, not lose at all.

We hope that this article has given you some insights and new strategies on how to place bets on your next soccer game. Be sure to get in touch and contact one of our team members if you would like to discuss sports betting or playing Online Soccer Manager. Most importantly, enjoy the game.


Sports Betting: Is it Viable to Bet on Soccer?

Blog8 - Sports Betting: Is it Viable to Bet on Soccer?

Football betting is a huge and growing global industry with an annual worth of billions of dollars. While betting offices have been linked to horse racing, online bets can be a challenge for British football.

Betting on football matches is a global phenomenon with a lot of this trade in the Asian markets being illegal. This is due to the fact that betting huge amounts are more likely to cause match-fixing, problem gambling and the risks of corruption and fraud.

How Lucrative is the sports betting industry?

Current estimates, which include both illegal and legal markets, suggest that the value of the sports betting industry is anywhere between $700 billion and $1 trillion (£435-625 billion). About 70% of this amount comes from football.

Sports Radar has to bet and analyze sports data, betting contracts for about 55,000 matches a year. It manages the accounting system, which covers 350 global betting bureaus, to monitor suspicious bets and has raised fears about one percent of the matches it has monitored.

Although this does not seem to be significant, it is possible that the results of 500 or more matches, whose capital turnover is estimated at millions of pounds, is manipulated and considered criminal activities.

Interpol says the Soga operation, which it launched to reduce match-fixing, has carried out more than 2,300 raids on facilities around the world as part of its campaign to dismantle the results-manipulation gangs. It has already booked more than $27 million (£16.8 million) in cash and shut down illegal gambling bets that dealt with bets worth more than $2 billion (£1.2 billion).

fan - Sports Betting: Is it Viable to Bet on Soccer?

How do people bet?

While betting in Asia is usually limited to certain options, in Europe there are far more options than the traditional obvious, such as win, lose or tie. The betting bureaus offer more than 200 markets for matches all over the world. For example, one can bet on the first and last goal, the right result, the end of the first half, the number of goals, Hattrick or penalty and the number of corner kicks.

Some markets are betting on time, offering chances like scoring a goal, yellow or red card, cornering or penalty in the first five minutes of the match.

Is gambling in football a new phenomenon?

Football betting appeared in Britain exactly 90 years ago. Within months, hundreds of thousands of fans were filling weekly coupons in an attempt to predict the outcome of matches on a Saturday afternoon, hoping to win cash prizes.

In 1961, Jeff Nicholson, a factory worker in the historic town of Castleford, west of Yorkshire, won the grand prize of £152,000, equivalent to about £5 million. More than 3.2 million pounds have been paid to some 61 million winners over the years. More than 500,000 fans still fill these coupons weekly.

We trust that you are now able to decide for yourself whether it is viable to bet on soccer matches or not. Remember to keep your wits about you and follow games closely in order to place an informed bet.

New to Pro Evolution Soccer? Read the Top Features and Play to Win Today

Blog7 - New to Pro Evolution Soccer? Read the Top Features and Play to Win Today

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), is one of the best sports video games that makes use of the best technology to reach the game to the top and simulated reality so that the player during the gameplay like a real game, especially in the last release, where it aims to overcome the problems that faced previous versions.

Features of PES

  • PES is a real-life game because it’s designed with high-quality graphics.
  • By playing you can manage your own team, and you can create players.
  • Play online with friends.
  • New additions to the teams, new shoes, and balls as well as modern stadiums.
  • The company has made some modifications to the latest version, such as adding and removing teams.
  • New teams for women only.

How to Play PES

PES has a number of international clubs and leagues such as English, German, Spanish and French, and includes the best teams such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany and other international teams.

Real Touch System

The latest version of PES is the closest to reality in terms of simulation and realism. The developer developed the Real Touch system, which allows the player to touch and receive the ball.

The ball can also be received from center to center. Control the receipt between the player and another while moving the ball and control it. The dribbling and receipt of the ball through the control orders is based on the real skills held by real players such as Messi or de Maria.

Game Settings

PES allows you to choose the settings for the game, adding to its unique and engaging gaming experience.

1. Duration

Whether you want the match to last one hour or 20 minutes, you will be able to control the duration of the match when playing Pro Evolution Soccer.

2. Weather

Increase the difficulty of the match by setting up some rainy weather during your match, or select sunshine.

3. Stadium

Choose one of your favorite stadiums to play your match at, or customize it the way you would like it to be – all this is possible with PES.

4. Referee and Commentator

Select your referee and favorite commentator to add to the realism of your PES gaming experience.

5. Level of Difficulty

As for the level of the match, there are five levels ranging from the easiest to the most difficult. Choose whatever suits you and your abilities.

You will also be able to select extra players or substitutions and choose any player from three teams.


With the addition of more features that make the game more enjoyable and interesting and exciting, PES became the strongest rival to Viva and other similar video games.

The Best IOS/Android Football Manager Apps

football manager


If the universe just saw you for whom you really are, a genius. An absolute smarty pants that the world so painfully needs. While we hope that your amazing and out-of-this-world skills will not end on desktop, there is no harm in having a little fun.

Speaking only to the tactical and strategi whizzes that can understand this concerning perspective, it is difficult to just stroll through your day without the pinches and naggings of your mind reminding you that there is a new skilled player you need to sign in this season. You will not be able to carry you PC around all the time, so we thought we should let you know the 7 apps that will keep the action going through your day.

Overview best Football Manager Apps:

  • Football Manager-Touch 2016
  • Top-Eleven 2016
  • Football Manager-Mobile 2016
  • Football-Chairman Pro
  • Champ-Man 16
  • PES Club-Manager
  • Championship-Manager: All Stars

Football Manager-Touch 2016

This soccer manager stands a good chance at being the cream of the crop for the desktop players of the Football Manager. Every bit of these games is relatable as this Touch manager is the official and exact Android and IOS version of the PC game.

The Football manager has features that facilitate you to work your magic in a high, or low-level way. It has 3D engines that display your team’s matches and their every progress. You are able to create your own team from scratch or just build on those you love. This one is for tablet devices. Maybe check also this Interwetten Review to get to know more about football betting.

Top-Eleven 2016

You cannot go around bragging of how awesome your managing skills are without testing it with the whole world! This online soccer manager will ensure that you are the top dog only if you deserve to be a top dog.

You will battle it out against the finest online players and prove your team-building, tactical thought, and training abilities. This game is very appealing as you get to compete with real human thinking and not the AI or phone’s processing. Finally, no excuses.
This game pushes your skills and standard to the ultimate level you have not attained yet.

Football Manager-Mobile 2016

This is the Football Manager version that is developed to better suit users of normal smartphones. While you can play this game in tablets too, it is more accustomed for mobile phones.
It is also an official version of the Football Manager P.C version.

Just as the Football Manager-Touch version, you have a myriad of options to consider putting into your play. You can build up your players with skills that will make them virtually unbeatable. You can rise in your players’ tactics that will make them a formidable team based on your own insightful thinking.

Football-Chairman Pro

Would you like to be more on the business enthusiast side? Then this football manager is just the right pick.
You are in control of many key financial decisions that a chairman would make such as sacking managers that do not deliver, hiring new managers, buying highly rated players that support your dream of winning the league, making upgrades on the facilities that you own, among other decision-making requirements that a top-notch manager would deliver on.

You get to see even the smallest of details such as the assistants you get, the physiotherapy unit behind the health of your team, and much more.

Champ-Man 16

Get to the nuggets and details of the things that drive your team’s spirit. You will be able to be involved with their finances, their morale, among other things.

You work your way up through a few seasons of training, and you enhance your skills with many options that enable you to do club transfers, and work on the tactics of your team.

You can always delve into the details of this managing world or you can just shallowly run through the preferences to establish what it is you really like.

PES Club-Manager

We both know one of the biggest football rivalries ever. The two companies that really go head to head. PES has however hang tight on this one. We all have good times with this brand even though it has not built itself so much as a management brand.

Unlike many managers, you are given the option of running down time so you get the coins as opposed to buying them.

Championship-Manager: All Stars

Like the Top Eleven, this one allows you to compete online with other players worldwide. You will be able to source your team players from many teams and build momentum steadily.

Play Like a Pro and Win With Online Soccer Manager

Blog6 - Play Like a Pro and Win With Online Soccer Manager

Online Soccer Manager is an online soccer game that imitates reality and puts you in the position of football team manager.

Advantages of Playing Online Soccer Manager

  • Achieve your dream and be the most important person in a football club and take over the league.
  • Make sure you are the manager and coach and be the strongest club manager among your competitors.
  • You can get to the top of the league only if you apply successful strategies and tactics on and off the pitch.

How to be a Successful Online Soccer Manager

The expansion and complexity of the game and matches is the heart of Online Soccer Manager, providing absolute realism and the right number of competitions among local champions.

Team Management Aspects

As the proud manager of a top soccer team, you will be in control of a whole list of aspects of running a successful soccer team.

1. Development

From the development of your stadium to the main arena, you are in control of every aspect of every phase when playing Online Soccer Management.

2. Sponsorships

Get sponsorships to pay for all your expenses while managing your dream team, from paying for food and exercise equipment, to marketing and new uniforms and kit – sponsorships will aid all your financial needs to get you and your team to the top.

3. Employees

To run a successful team, you need to hire some employees to get some of the nitty gritty done for you.

4. Players and Training

For a great and winning team, you need to hire and buy some of the greatest players out there. Be a scout and search for new talent and hire players that you know will turn your team into a winning one. Ensure your players get the best training by compiling your own training regime and ensuring they get the exercise they need.

5. Health Management

Should one of your players be subject to a serious injury that takes them out of the game, you need to be able to provide top-notch medical care to ensure they are able to recover quickly. This is done by hiring a first-class team doctor.

As a manager and coach, it will all be in your hands.

Chances of Playing and Winning

Your chances of scoring may be higher after you buy a new player for your team! Always keep in mind that the rest of the managers will not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the transfer market: Online Soccer Manager is more than just a football game.

game1 - Play Like a Pro and Win With Online Soccer Manager

The Future at a Glance

The expectations of loyal fans for you increase with every game you win. You should then be able to satisfy their desires from souvenirs at the promo, or perhaps in the fast-food restaurant! What about parking or train station near the stadium? You have to take these details into account. With the best tips and tricks in football as well as smart tactics you will have the opportunity to compete fiercely in this global community – the real thrill of any player!

Become a legend in the history of football by coordinating a training program for your players to achieve their goals.

As the saying goes: the next opponent is always stronger. You will need to constantly monitor your competitors and develop a lineup for your team appropriate for them according to their abilities. Analyze the latest game report and avoid weaknesses of your next match.

Now that you have some of the nitty gritty details on how to become a successful online soccer manager, we are sure you are amped to get started! Good luck, and have fun.

Soccer Management 101: Everything You Need to Know About OSM

Blog5 - Soccer Management 101: Everything You Need to Know About OSM

Online Soccer Manager is a game that allows you to manage an online football team, where you can control your team online as if you are the president of a football club in real life. The game allows you to manage everything related to finance and tactics to make deals and buy players.

When you register, you will join a challenging world with other teams run by real people, the competition to win the local title (as in the Premier League style), as well as competing for other championships such as Champions League and local cup. Even if you aspire to be the coach of the national team, there will be elections every two seasons to choose a new national coach, and this will give you the real opportunity to get the honor of training the national team one day and go on to fame and glory to win the World Cup, the highest trophy and the greatest in the world.

Free Games

These games are free. In addition, the weekly schedule is fixed. You will have a team that plays three league games per week. You will also receive training reports for your players every Tuesday. You can design your own training programs for players to ensure that they will be trained in the skills you have specified.


This game is designed to take such kind of football management to real high tests for all players in the game – you will encounter other players, and with talent and management skills you will only be able to be the most discriminating manager in the game.

1. Budget

With OSM games, as the team manager, you face the responsibility of setting up and managing your team’s budget. Failing to do so could be dismal for you and your team’s future.

2. Discovering Talent

Will you be able to discover young players who will develop and become such as Messi, Rooney, and Ronaldo? By acting as a real team manager, one of your responsibilities would be to discover new talent and reaching out to players who could become the best.

3. Training

Ensuring your team gets the training that they need will ensure future victories – failing to do so means you won’t get too far in this exciting game.

4. Penalties

Will you be able to deal with the injuries and suspensions that your players will face in the matches? You need to be able to manage the team in the best way possible – ensuring you can cope with losing players to penalties during big games.

These simulator games are the most advanced among the other games in the management of online football, as it is the most realistic among them. You can watch the match in live broadcasts (90 minutes + extra time) as you can also enter after the game and watch the replay of the match or reports of their own stats and others.

All you have to do is choose the country you want your team to play and you will be ready to start the match. You will not need to be certified or approved because you will receive your team immediately. Registration in the game is free. All you need is an internet connection, simply open your browser to get started, the game does not require any download, just register and compete!

How to Play Soccer – the Greatest Game in the World

Blog4 - How to Play Soccer – the Greatest Game in the World

Soccer, or football as it is called in some countries, is one of the greatest team sports, with each team consisting of eleven players. It is the most widely played game to reach 250 million players in more than 200 countries. Its rules were first introduced in 1863 in England and are distinguished from other ball-based sports.

In 1863, when the FA was founded in England, the game was developed. The game developed widely and contributed to the founding of FIFA in 1904 in Paris, France. The rules of the match emerged to organize, preserve, and disseminate in different countries around the world.

How to Play the Game

The game is played on a rectangular field consisting of two goals at the ends, a goal for each team to enter the goals between the two or the top crossbar of the goal. The main goal of the match is to set goals within the goal of the opposing team, and the team that enters the most goals in the winning team.

The ball may only be handled by players’ feet or heads, and hands may be used only by the goalkeeper who protects his goal from balls entering the goal box. If the two teams have the same number of goals, the result of the match is either a draw or entry in overtime.

img3 - How to Play Soccer – the Greatest Game in the World

The team is led by a player who is chosen to be the captain of the team and whose main task is to participate in the draw before the start of the match or to participate in the penalty shootings. As for the rest of the team, they spend the entire period trying to control the ball by maneuvering, To the opposing team’s goal, or pass it on to another member of the same team to try to enter the ball into the opponent’s goal or pass it to another player from his team.

Each player attempts to keep the ball within the team by passing it to the rest of the players or by cutting it and taking it from the other team by force as the rules of the match allow. Physical friction is prohibited between players.

We hope that you are excited to get started on managing your very own team on Online Soccer Manager. And now, you are geared with all the need-to-know details about this amazing game. Have fun!